Play2Win casino is always working to make its players feel happy and special. The casino has some unique slot e wallet promotions, from loyalty bonuses, generous distributions of compensation points, to last minute bonuses. Read on to find out more about these promising offers.

Loyalty Bonus

The Play2Win casino has a warm place in your heart for loyal players who stay close to the casino. This is demonstrated by the casino’s loyalty bonuses : every month, players receive a 15% bonus on deposits from the previous month! For example, if a player deposits a total of $ 100 in August, he will get a $ 15 loyalty bonus in September!

Compensation Points for Everyone

At any time, the Play2Win casino, a virtual boss will be on his shift to supervise the ewallet casino Malaysia activity; but he not only oversees the casino, but is also armed with a bag loaded with clearing points. The compensation points are received for each bet that players place in the casino. When a player accumulates a thousand points of compensation, they can claim this sum for 1 euro / dollar / pound, then they can choose to play with them or withdraw them.

For Late Hours

Play2Win casino knows that some of its players like to stay up late. Deposits made from Monday to Thursday from 1 am until 6 am (GMT) will guarantee the person who deposits a 111% bonus and $ 10 in chips! Then there are still Blackjack afternoons and nights on Thursday – players who deposit from 7 pm Thursday until 6 am on Friday (GMT) to play Blackjack will receive a 101% bonus. If the lucky lady offers them that night, the Play2Win casino will compensate players with $ 21 in bonus chips.