A little bit of aging is normal and natural, but premature aging can be prevented
with a combination of skincare tips hair removal device, tools and lifestyle habits. Anti aging tips from
dermatologists and other vetted skin care experts are essential for maintaining
healthy, youthful-looking complexions.

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1. Apply Sunscreen Every Day
The most important thing you can do to prevent aging is protect your skin from the
sun with a broad-spectrum https://beautyfoomall.com/collections/hair-removal, water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every
day. Even on cloudy or overcast days, your skin is still vulnerable to the sun’s
harmful UV rays.
2. Pat Instead of Rub
When applying products to the face, patting rather than rubbing them in will help
improve absorption and circulation, which will prevent fine lines and wrinkles from
forming. This is especially important around the eyes, which can show signs of aging
such as fine lines and crow’s feet much sooner than other parts of the face due to
their thinness. If you are applying serums or moisturizers with active ingredients
such as vitamin C, retinol, or peptides, gently pat them on rather than rubbing them
3. Avoid Smoking and Limit Alcohol Consumption
Both smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can cause the skin to look
dull, dry and aged prematurely. This is because cigarette smoke contains toxins that
damage the skin cells and accelerate the aging process. Alcohol also dehydrates the
skin and causes it to lose its elasticity.

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4. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
A diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins will provide your body with the
nutrients needed to maintain a youthful appearance. Consuming more of these
foods will help reduce inflammation, slow cellular aging and keep your skin healthy
and supple.
5. Get More Sleep
Getting enough rest is essential to keeping your complexion in its best possible
condition. A good night’s sleep helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles by allowing the
body to repair damaged cells. Incorporate a consistent bedtime routine and try to
sleep for seven to nine hours each night.
6. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
If you want to prevent aging and keep your skin looking plump and hydrated, it’s a
good idea to use a rich moisturizing product with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is

found naturally in the human body, but as we age, levels decrease, causing the skin
to become thinner and less hydrated. It’s a good idea to incorporate a hyaluronic
acid-based serum into your daily skincare routine, or ask your Bryn Mawr
dermatologist about an FDA-approved device like Morpheus8.
7. Extend Your Skincare Routine to the Neck and Hands
The neck, hands and chest are often one of the first areas to show signs of aging, as
they have more exposed skin than other areas of the body and are more susceptible
to UV rays. Be sure to moisturize these areas just as regularly as the face and
always wear sunscreen when going outside. Also, be sure to use specific eye care
products for these delicate areas and wear gloves when washing your hands to help
keep them hydrated.