25 Best Shopify Themes and Templates

25 Best Shopify Themes and Templates

Here are 25 best Shopify themes and templates for your online store. These templates will make your Shopify store look awesome.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create online stores, with Shopify you do not need any coding knowledge to make an online store. Shopify was founded in 2004, and now it claims to host 100,000+ online retailers, including Tesla Motors, Pixar, GitHub.

So, to help you make your online store look great, we have collected 25 best shopify themes and templates. We know that hiring a professional web designer can cost thousands of dollars, which is why by spending less than hundred dollars you can get yourself an awesome looking Shopify template. All of these Shopify templates are high quality and highly customizable. You can easily change the design of your store by changing a few settings. This list of 25 Best Shopify Themes and Templates includes free and premium themes/templates. If you cannot afford to buy a premium theme, then look towards the end of this list, because we have also listed some free Shopify themes.

Take a look at this list [25 best Shopify Themes and Templates], choose your template, add your products and before you know it you will be accepting orders.

25 Best Shopify Themes and Template

Quickshop – $50


Quickshop is a beautiful responsive Shopify theme that is written in HTML5, this template will look great on any device. Quickshop is perfect for every type of store, it is easily customizable, fully responsive, and loaded with tons of useful features.

Humbleshop – $50


Humbleshop is responsive and comes with a clean, minimal design for Shopify eCommerce that fits all modern stores. This theme comes with easy-to-configure settings, 3 template options (left side, right side or without sidebar).

Ultimate – $50


Ultimate is a classy and modern responsive Shopify theme, it is perfect for every type of store. Ultimate has a slick and minimal design that will direct the attention of visitors to your products. This theme is built on a powerful framework that is extremely versatile and easy to customize.

Storefront Pro – $50

Storefront Pro for Shopify — Premium Template

Storefront is a responsive shopping car theme written in HTML5 and CSS3, which provides a convenient way for your customers to buy your products, and looks great on all types of devices. This theme comes with layered PSD file, working newsletter, dual product slider and tons of other features.

Responsify – $40


Responsify is a professional, customizable and responsive theme for Shopify which adapts perfectly to all types of devices. This themes also comes with tons of templates.

 Sunlight – $40

Sunlight Shopify Theme

Sunlight is a simple yet highly configurable theme for your online store. This theme comes with tons of unique features to help make your store as efficient as possible.

Pandora – $50

Pandora — Responsive Shopify HTML5 Theme

Pandora is one of the most popular themes on Themeforest under the Shopify category, this theme is fully responsive, and written in modern HTML5. It will look great and work on every device. Pandora also has a large slider, that will really make your products stand out.

Callisto – $50

Callisto for Shopify - Premium Responsive Theme

Callisto is sharp looking, fully responsive and highly customizable. This theme is also make by a verified Shopify expert, and comes with loads of features.

Game Store – $50

Game Store Shopify Theme - GameWorld

This template is perfect for anyone trying to open a game shop. This template has stunning graphics and visuals that will impress every gamer. By using CSS3 and HTML5 this template displays special effects and slideshows to get your visitors attention, and help you make more sales.

Avalanche – $50

Avalanche for Shopify — Responsive Premium Theme

Avalanche is highly customizable, it comes with over 100 theme settings, which you can adjust to make this template truly yours. Avalanche has a very simple and clean design, it also utilizes a big slide down menu to make navigation easier.

Flat – $50


This template is based on Bootstrap 3 and is fully responsive. Flat has a very beautiful design to attract visitors, and keep them coming back, also comes with tons of features.

Mercury – $20


If you are looking for a cheaper template, and do not want to pay $50, then this template is for you. At $20, this template is awesome for anyone looking to make a simple online store.

If you cant afford to buy a theme for your store, here are some free high quality Shopify themes. If you are liking this post [25 Best Shopify Themes and Templates] so far please like and share. Now, keep reading . . .

Minimal – Free

vintageGive your online store the beautiful, trendy image it deserves with Minimal Vintage responsive theme that looks great on any device. Loaded with excellent features designed to give you complete flexibility, you can customize to your heart’s content with additional layout options, product views, collections views, navigation styles and typography choices.

Radiance – Free


Radiance Sky uses light colour schemes to give your online store an open, welcoming appearance. A free theme that’s easy to use and make your own, Radiance Sky comes with features that include a customizable sidebar, the ability to add live Tweets, an optional homepage carousel, customer account creation and much more. With so many capabilities, you’d never guess this theme was free!

New Standard – Free


The New Standard is an official Shopify theme created by Pixel Union. Its clean and minimalist design makes it a suitable option for selling any type of product. It is one of the most feature rich themes to date, with its Twitter integration, signup form, filterable collections and much more .

Megatronic – Free


Megatronic is perfect for any trying to open an electronics store. This is a corporate theme created with electronic stores in mind.

Kickstand – Free


Easily give your Kickstarter campaign a powerful ecommerce store. This new premium theme is absolutely free and is made specifically for crowdfunding graduates – it's perfect for selling 1-5 products. Kickstand is fully responsive, customizable, features a newsletter sign up form, video embeds, photo gallery, social media buttons, our powerful blogging platform, and so much more.

Radiance (Runners) – Free


Radiance Minimal is a minimalistic, sleekly designed theme. Offered for free through Shopify, this theme gives you the ability to tweak and customize your store for a unique, exclusively branded image. Key features include the homepage carousel, sidebar, Twitter feed, customer accounts and so much more. Give your online store the foundation it needs to succeed with Radiance Minimal.



This is the default Shopify theme. It's responsive with a clean and simple design. If you are not looking for a simple not too fancy template, then this is perfect for you.

React (Graphite) – Free


A fully responsive theme, React Graphite is a clean, sharp, minimal design offered for free on Shopify. Easily change fonts, colours and images to make it your own and benefit from other great features including its responsive design, built-in social media, seamless checkout, navigation dropdown menus, MailChimp integration and customer account capabilities.

Solo – Free


Another official Spotify theme.

React (Ivory) – Free


React is a responsive Shopify theme that adjusts to look great on many screen resolutions. Resize your browser window to see how it adjusts, and try viewing the demo shops on your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily change colors, images, and fonts.

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